Halibut fishing with Jigs

This 120lb Halibut fell for the 16oz squid

This 120lb Halibut fell for the 16oz squid

Fishing for Halibut with jigs can not only be rewarding it can also be a lot of fun. Halibut jigs come in all shapes and sizes and they all work in different situations. The best bet is to match your halibut jig to the baitfish that is prevalent in that area. So if the area is full of anchovies you may want to drop down a anchovy looking halibut jig, if there’s lots of Krill you want to throw a pink jig to imitate the color. My favorite jigs for Halibut are the Squid jigs because I’ve never seen a Halibut that can resist eating a squid! Our squid halibut jigs come in sizes from 4oz up to 16oz and have become a favorite of anglers from Baja California to Alaska. So be sure to stock up on some Halibut jigs today and be ready to do some jigging on your next trip!


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